IM Network Forum 2018: Video Gallery

Posted On: December 18th, 2018

Osher Center for Integrative Medicine

IM Network Forum 2018: Video Gallery


George Church, PhD, delivered the keynote at the IM Network Forum. Dr. Church is Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, a founding member of the Wyss Institue, and director of He is known for pioneering the fields of personal genomics and synthetic biology.

Short Talks

Short talks addressing the theme of the Forum, on genetics, epigenetics and lifestyle were given by Kathryn Hall, PhD, MPH, Associate Molecular Biologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Olivia Okereke, MD, Director of Geriatric Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital; and Manoj Bhasin, PhD, Director of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Panel Discussion

The panel discussion included Drs. George Church, Katherine Hall, Olivia Okereke, and Manoj Bhasin. The panel answered audience questions in this segment of the Forum. Moderated by John Denninger, MD, PhD, Director of Research at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at MGH.

Exaptive Network Map Presentation

Dave King, Exaptive Inc. CEO, presented the Osher Center’s research and clinical network maps, engineered by Exaptive.

Town Hall

In this portion of the Forum, Osher Center leadership sat down to listen to feedback and answer questions from the audience on any topic, ranging from Osher Center programs that have been meaning to the IM community to ideas the Osher Center should elevate in the community. Panel includes: Darshan Mehta, MD, MPH, Osher Associate Education Director; Gloria Yeh, MD, Osher Associate Research Director; Don Levy, MD, Osher Medical Director; and Aterah Nusrat, MSc, Osher Program Manager. Moderated by: Peter Wayne, PhD, Osher Interim Director and Research Director.

Research Oral Medley

The research oral medley showcased 14 of the research posters at the Forum. Each presenter had precisely one minute to introduce themselves and present their poster. Enjoy!

Presenters: Michael Berry, Eric Bui, Salvatore D’Amico, Michelle Dossett, Richa Gawande, Yongjoo Kim, Jiao Liu, Yan Ma, Dennis Munoz Vergara, Kamila Osypiuk, Elyse Park, Travis Peterson, Brittany McFeeley, and Gunes Sevinc.

Poster Awards

Dr. Gloria Yeh presented the winners of the Best Research Poster awards. The first place winner was My Ngoc To for her poster, “Impact of Mindfulness Training in Primary Care on Patient Self-Regulation and Accessibilty”. The second place award went to Dennis Munoz Vergara for his poster “Effect of Passive Stretching Duration in a Rat Carrageenan-Induced Inflammation Model: Exploring the Dose Effect of Stretching”.

Funding Opportunities

Dr. Peter Wayne presented Funding Opportunities from the Osher Center including the Pilot Research Grants, Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Award, and Scholarly Project.

IM Forum Full Morning Session

This video encompasses the entire morning session of the IM Network Forum including the keynote, short talks, and panel discussion.

IM Forum Full Afternoon Session

This video encompasses the entire afternoon session of the IM Forum including the network maps, Town Hall meeting, Research Medley, Research Poster Awards, and Funding Opportunities.