IM Network Forum, 2018 Photo Gallery

Posted On: November 28th, 2018

IM Network Forum, 2018 Photo Gallery

The 2018 IM Network Forum convened 250 integrative medicine researchers, clinicians and educators at Harvard Medical School, J.B. Martin Conference Center. Delegates, undeterred by poor weather, arrived from local, national, and international institutions to listen to expert speakers and take advantage of this opportunity to connect with the integrative medicine community.

Thank you to all who attended. We look forward to your feedback in the Post-Event Survey (delivered via e-mail to all registered attendees). Videos of the conference proceedings will be posted online soon.

Photo Gallery


The IM Network Forum was opened by Interim Director and Research Director, Peter Wayne, PhD.

Keynote: George Church, Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School


Short Talk Presenters: Genetics, Epigenetics and Lifestyle

Kathryn Hall, PhD

Olivia Okereke, MD, MS


Manoj Bhasin, PhD


Left to Right: Drs. George Church, Manoj Bhasin, Olivia Okereke, and Kathryn Hall answer questions from the audience in a panel discussion with moderator John Denninger, MD, PhD.


Left to Right: Drs. George Church, Kathryn Hall, Olivia Okereke, John Denninger, Peter Wayne, and Manoj Bhasin


Research Posters

IM Forum Network Map

The custom-built IM Network Forum map was presented by Exaptive CEO, Dave King.

Town Hall

Left to Right: Darshan Mehta, MD, MPH, Osher Education Director; Gloria Yeh, MD, Osher Associate Research Director; Don Levy, MD, Osher Medical Director; and Aterah Nusrat, MSc, Osher Program Manager

Research Oral Medley Presentations

From Left: Gunes Svenic, Jiao Liu, Richa Gawande, Yan Ma, Eric Bui, Yongjoo Kim, Kamilay Osypiuk, Dennis Munoz-Vergara, Michelle Dossett, Elyse Park, Salvatore D’Amico, Michael Berry, Travis Peterson, Brittany McFeeley

Poster Award Presentations

1st Place Research Poster Winners: My Ngoc To and Richa Gawande for their poster “Impacts of mindfulness training in primary care on patient self-regulation and accessibility.”


2nd Place Research Poster Award Winner: Dennis Munoz-Vergara for his poster “Effect of passive stretching duration in a rat carrageenan-induced inflammation model: exploring the dose effect of stretching.”

Facilitated Networking Groups

(1) Didactic Presentation on Integrative Medicine in the Community by Drs. Gloria Yeh, Michelle Dossett, Charles Coey and Daniel Hall (presenting).

(2) Acupuncture, facilitated by Stephen Cina and Dr. Weidong Lu

(3) Genetics and Epigenetics, facilitated by Drs. John Denninger and Kathryn Hall

(3) Mind Body Medicine, facilitated by Dr Sat Bir Khalsa