Scholarly Projects

The Osher Center offers mentorship for medical students through the Harvard Medical School Scholars in Medicine Office.

Current Scholarly Project (2016-2018): Improving Boston’s Health Network

HMS funding of up to $30,000 per student (no mentor match required) is currently available for one students for one year. Medical students interested in participating in this program should contact the Osher Center at [email protected].

Integrative medicine is concerned not only with the health of individuals, but also with the health of communities. Boston is a vibrant environment that benefits from staggering academic, artistic and business resources, but also suffers from the stressful side effects resulting from the sheer intensity and concentration of these very resources.

Stress at a community level impacts the health of individuals, and can reduce quality of life. Although we are making great strides in understanding and mitigating the impact of individual stress, it is also important to translate and apply this knowledge at the level of communities.

A truly integrated approach to addressing this issue in Boston will require a community-based effort led by a multidisciplinary cadre of philanthropically-minded individuals, foundations, and/or early stage business investors who are interested in supporting initiatives related to “Improving Boston’s Health” through interrelated areas including health care, education, government, transportation, industry, housing, arts and business.

Students will be mentored by faculty at Harvard Medical School, Harvard Business School and Harvard School of Public Health.

The goals of this Scholarly Project are:

    1. conduct surveys, hold focus groups and perform an analysis of the current city-wide “stress” landscape
      • what are existing sources of stress?
      • how can they be reduced?
      • what resources are needed?
    2. identify a network of stakeholders connected by existing community organizations, consumer-based networks, and academia,


    1. enlist the help of multimedia groups to create a concise web-based visualization of the network vision,


  1. write a case study for “Improving Boston’s Health Network” including a strategy for moving forward.