Grand Rounds: Group Ketamine Therapy – Rediscovering Healing in Community

Event Date: June 6th, 2023

Selma Holden, MD, MPH, University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

Grand Rounds: Group Ketamine Therapy – Rediscovering Healing in Community

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Title: Group Ketamine Therapy – Rediscovering Healing in Community

Presenter: Selma Holden, MD, MPH 

Associate Professor, University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Research Director, Riverbird Clinic, Portland Maine
*A patient will be present for this presentation, to share their experience of ketamine therapy.

Date/Time: Tuesday, June 6 @ 8:00-9:00am US ET via Zoom.

Cost: Free. CME credit available. Please email your name, degree title and institution if applicable to [email protected] during the event to claim credit.


Through the use of ketamine-assisted therapy, some western medical practices are exploring how to respectfully and intentionally interweave the emergence of psychedelic medicine modalities with group medical visits. In comparison to most of the other tightly regulated psychedelic medicines, ketamine therapy allows for more variability in the structure and content of a therapeutic experience that incorporates medically induced, expanded states of consciousness. This presentation will discuss how some clinics are developing ways to offer these modalities in a group setting, where peer-based support can potentially generate healing communities.

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Sneak Peak (2 mins)

1. Introduction to Ketamine-Assisted Therapy (2 mins)


2. Exploring Peer Group Healing Environments (3.5 mins)


3. Opportunities for Integrative Medicine to Support Ketamine Therapy (2 mins)


4. Ketamine Therapy – Opening Innate Healing Intelligence (2 mins)


5. Addressing and Mitigating Ketamine Therapy Risk (7 mins) 


6. Sources of Inspiration – Witnessing Transformation (2 mins)


Selma Holden, MD MPH MS is an integrative family physician who offers legal psychedelic assisted therapy at the Riverbird Clinic in Portland, Maine. Within Riverbird, Dr. Holden is the site investigator for MAPS’s expanded access clinical trial, looking at how MDMA-assisted therapy can address treatment resistant post-traumatic stress. She also investigates how group ketamine therapy could alleviate compassion fatigue in healthcare workers and improve psycho-spiritual development in the general population.

Dr. Holden’s background in harm reduction raised her awareness of the traumatic histories that many people share, which guided her clinical training, research and public service. She is an associate professor at the University of New England’s College of Osteopathic Medicine and directs a HRSA program that assists Federal Qualified Health Centers with their development of quality improvement projects that are centered around opioid use disorder.  She received her MD from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and did her residency training at Maine Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency in Augusta.  Her fellowship training at Harvard’s Integrative Medicine post-doctoral research fellowship program at BIDMC is where she received her MPH.