IM Network Forum 2022: The Lived Experience of Depression – An Integrative Approach

Through this year’s two-day virtual Integrative Medicine Network Forum, we aim to create a greater understanding of depression through a cross-disciplinary dialogue rooted in scientific inquiry, multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives, and clinical innovation.


We will begin by examining the sources of depression. Are we dealing with a problem in brain chemistry and neuroscience or a disorder of mind and spirit? We will examine integrative medicine (IM) approaches to depression, how IM practitioners often distinguish between curing (fixing the broken part) and healing (achieving wholeness) and strive to address both. We will discuss cultural themes in defining and managing depression and look at cutting-edge approaches to treating depression.

Join us for what promises to be a rich exploration of intersecting domains that will deepen our shared understanding and appreciation of the lived experience of depression.


Vikram Patel, PhD, MBBS
Pershing Square Professor of Global Health, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Blavatnik Institute, Harvard Medical School.



Anne Harrington, PhD
Franklin L. Ford Professor of the History of Science
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Faculty Dean, Pforzheimer House
Harvard University


Despite advances in diagnosis and management of depression, much remains to be learned and the stigma associated with the condition persists. While integrative medicine and holistic health approaches offer some benefits to people with depression, it is important to develop a more precise understanding of how these work in the context of socio-demographic, genetic and prescription therapies.

Program Overview and Speakers:

  • Opening Keynote (Day 1): Vikram Patel: The Global Lived Experience of Depression
  • Opening Keynote (Day 2): Anne Harrington: What Can History Teach US?
  • 30 Confirmed Speakers
  • 8 Panel Discussions with Audience Q&A:
  1. State of Knowledge, Evidence & Treatment: Why One Perspective Alone is Not Enough
    (Margarita Alegria, Greg Fricchione, Olivia Okereke, David Silbersweig)
  2. What Can Our Patients Teach Us?
    (Shannon Scott Verngalia, Osher patient, South Cove patient)
  3. Traditional Whole Systems Perspectives
    (Marni Charnoff, Eric Jacobson, Rosa Schnyer)
  4. Current Complementary and Integrative Approaches
    (Karen Koffler, Melinda Ring, Zev Schuman-Olivier)
  5. Listening to Our Patients and Communities
    (Donald Levy, Darshan Mehta, Kevin Simon)
  6. What Can Faith Communities Teach Us?
    Seed Talk: David Rosmarin
    (Rania Awaad, Sharkira Sanchez-Collins, Greg Epstein, Janet Gaytso, Sat Bir Khalsa, Chris Miller, Bhrigu Singh)
  7. New & Promising Complementary and Integrative Approaches
    (Paolo Casano, Franklin King, Maren Nyer, Shan Siddiqi, Sabine Wilheim)
  8. Connecting to Social and Natural Ecosystems
    (Annie Brewster, Matt Lee,David Victorson)
  • Research Posters
  • Facilitated, Group, and One-on-One Networking Opportunities Throughout

Event Details

Dates: Thursday 10 – Friday 11, November, 2022
Times: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Format: Virtual Event
Cost: Free to Attend
CME: Credits Available
Posters: Call for Abstracts Pending
Register Here: IM Network Forum 2022 Registration
Contact: [email protected]