Walking the Talk: Bringing Wellness to the Advocates of Preventive Medicine

Posted On: June 19th, 2018

Division of Preventive Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital

Walking the Talk: Bringing Wellness to the Advocates of Preventive Medicine

A new program has come to the Preventive Medicine Division through a wider initiative by Brigham and Women’s Hospital to encourage wellness and reduce burnout in the work place. JoAnn Manson, Chief of the Preventive Medicine Division, and Dr. Peter Wayne, the division’s Wellness Champion, are leading the way.

Implemented in spring 2018, this program to bring wellness into the workplace has received great response from the members of the division. The division has and will continue to introduce a multifaceted plan to put the program into action. This plan consists of:

  • a series of brief educational division-wide seminars on topics that are known to promote well-being;
  • mini-workshops on topics such as tai chi, exercise/walking, stress reduction, mindfulness and meditation;
  • weekly walking groups (with suggested routes) that foster inter-study comradery by encouraging people from different studies to pair up for walks;
  • teaching and practicing tai chi in instructional sessions molded by tai chi expert, Dr. Peter Wayne;
  • and opportunities to learn and engage in regular mindfulness/meditation.

The wellness program was kicked off by Dr. Helene Langevin, who led a walk and stretch in the area surrounding the Preventive Medicine Division building. In the following month, Dr. Peter Wayne led some tai chi courses in a nearby park. Next, the division put much effort into organizing a walking program in which employees could use suggested walking routes near the building and be paired with one or more people for a 30 minute, relaxing stroll. The division is now looking forward to a tennis group, which is being organized by Dr. Kathryn Hall, including single and round-robin matches.

A great reminder to take care of your mind and body, especially in the workplace.