2017 Publications from the Osher Center Leadership

Posted On: June 28th, 2017

2017 Publications from the Osher Center Leadership

The directors of the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine have been sharing their research on a variety of integrative medicine topics in publications that they have authored or co-authored this year. Below are some of their latest works:


The impact of Tai Chi and Qigong mind-body exercises on motor and non-motor function and quality of life in Parkinson’s disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Song R, Grabowska W, Park M, Osypiuk K, Vergara-Diaz GP, Bonato P, Hausdorff JM, Fox M, Sudarsky LR, Macklin E, Wayne PM.

Parkinsonism & Related Disorders (2017)

Does Postural Awareness Contribute to Exercise-induced Improvements in Neck Pain Intensity? A Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating Tai Chi and Neck Exercises.

Lauche R, Wayne PM, Fehr J, Stumpe C, Dobos G, Cramer H.

Spine (2017)

A Pilot, Randomized Controlled Study of Tai Chi With Passive and Active Controls in the Treatment of Depressed Chinese Americans

Yeung AS, Feng R, Kim DJH, Wayne PM, Yeh GY, Baer L, Lee OE, Denninger JW, Benson H, Fricchione GL, Alpert J, Fava M.

The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry (2017)

Stretching Reduces Skin Thickness and Improves Subcutaneous Tissue Mobility in a Murine Model of Systemic Sclerosis

Xiong Y, Berrueta L, Urso K, Olenich S, Muskaj I, Badger GJ, Aliprantis A, Lafyatis R, Langevin HM.

Frontiers in Immunology (2017)

Factors associated with complementary medicine use in pediatric musculoskeletal conditions: Results from a national survey.

Cohen EM, Dossett ML, Mehta DH, Davis RB, Lee YC.

Complementary Therapies in Medicine (2017)


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