WRVO Interview: Tai Chi can benefit mind and body

Posted On: December 20th, 2016

Peter Wayne

WRVO Interview: Tai Chi can benefit mind and body

Dr. Peter Wayne was recently interviewed on WRVO Public Media’s Take Care weekly radio program. He shares the health benefits of tai chi, the best way to reap those advantages and how they can also provide a financial assistance. Read the article and Listen to the short interview (13min).

“The goals of the tranquil self-defense method are to strengthen, relax and integrate the body and mind. These objectives are thus believed to improve a person’s health, personal awareness and development.

Wayne uses the analogy of learning to drive when explaining the speed of tai chi. Not everyone learns to drive at full speed. It can take time to fit all the pieces together. That can mean starting slow.

The pace of tai chi allows those who practice the martial art to truly become aware of their body, how all its pieces connect and their emotions. The hope is this will allow people to slow stressful situations down and not simply react.”