U.S. Social Prescribing Student Movement Launch Webinar

Event Date: March 27th, 2023

Daniel Morse, US Social Prescribing Movement

U.S. Social Prescribing Student Movement Launch Webinar

Are you interested in innovating the healthcare system to address social determinants of health and provide holistic, person-centered care? Join this webinar on March 27, 2023 to learn about the growing national social prescribing student movement that seeks to change the culture of how we approach health.

When patients come to the doctor for loneliness and anxiety, they often leave with a prescription for medications. But what if doctors could also prescribe a nature walk, volunteering, arts or social services? This is known as Social Prescribing (2 minute video). 

  • A new student movement in healthcare is transforming our country.
  • A new student movement is lifting people out of depression and curing loneliness.
  • A new student movement is getting press (TIME magazine), inspiring others to make change.

Medical students from across the country are starting a student movement to bring social prescribing to the US. In 2018, the practice was scaled nationally in the UK, largely driven by the efforts of students to raise awareness at universities across the country. Today, 20+ countries are creating social prescribing movements.

Now, in America, student leaders have written about social prescribing for TIME Magazine, helped launch a pilot with a leading hospital system, and spearheaded research reports that have influenced the industry. We’d love to invite you to the webinar with these student leaders to explore what is next for the movement.

Students are co-creating this with leaders across the country, including a network of supporters from the United Nations, WHO, Cleveland Clinic, Carnegie Hall, NIH, parks departments, State Service Commissions, Social Prescribing USA, and Arts Councils to name a few. 

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