Grand Rounds: Mindfulness and Behavior Change: Enhancing Self-Regulation and Chronic Illness Self-Management in Primary Care

Event Date: February 4th, 2020

Zev Schuman-Olivier, MD

Grand Rounds: Mindfulness and Behavior Change: Enhancing Self-Regulation and Chronic Illness Self-Management in Primary Care

Self-management is important for improving health outcomes among primary care patients with chronic disease. Anxiety, depressive and stress disorders are common and interfere with self-regulation, which is required for disease self-management.

Results were shared from the MINDFUL-PC study, a randomized controlled comparative effectiveness trial of Mindfulness Training for Primary Care (MTPC), which is an 8-week, referral-based, insurance-reimbursable program integrated into patient-centered medical homes that incorporates mindfulness, self-compassion, and mindfulness-oriented behavior change skills, compared with a low-dose mindfulness comparator (LDC) consisting of a 60-minute mindfulness introduction with referral to community and digital resources.

This study reports an 8-week dose of mindfulness training enhances self-regulation and is more effective than a low-dose mindfulness comparator in facilitating chronic disease self-management behavior change among primary care patients. Data from several phases of the MINDFUL-PC study was presented and findings from pilot neuroimaging studies related to mindfulness and self-compassion was also described to help elucidate these self-regulation mechanisms.

The Center for Mindfulness and Compassion received more than 2,000 EHR referrals for over the past 3 years and has developed an additional Mindful Mental Health Service to address the demand and ensure access and inclusion.


Presenter: Zev Schuman-Olivier, MD

Director, Center for Mindfulness Compassion, Cambridge Health Alliance, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School


Zev Schuman-Olivier, MD is an instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He is the Director of the CHA Center for Mindfulness and Compassion. He is also the Director of CHA’s Mindful Mental Health Service and the Advanced Mindfulness Fellowship.

Dr. Schuman-Olivier is the Medical Director for Outpatient Addiction Services as well as Director of Addiction Psychiatry Residency Education at Cambridge Health Alliance. He is a founding member of the Mindfulness Research Collaborative, the NIH Science of Behavior Change Initiative, and the Center for Technology and Behavioral Health. He is PI of the MINDFUL-PC project, which is leading the way in integrating mindfulness into the patient-centered medical home.

He is PI of the MINDFUL-OBOT study, which is the first multi-site randomized trial of mindfulness training in primary care office-based opioid treatment. He is Director of the Clinical Core for the NCCIH P01 program project grant on synergistic approaches to chronic pain treatment. He is currently Co-PI of a CDC-funded multisite R01 clinical trial of an integrated technology platform (MySafeRx) for enhancing adherence, engagement and retention in buprenorphine treatment and preventing overdose.


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