A Wellness Strategy: Innovations in Health and Well-Being Towards Addressing Emergent Health Needs (Grand Rounds)

Event Date: August 2nd, 2022

Scarlet Soriano, MD, Duke Health and Wellbeing

A Wellness Strategy: Innovations in Health and Well-Being Towards Addressing Emergent Health Needs (Grand Rounds)

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Title: A Wellness Strategy: Innovations in Health and Well-Being Towards Addressing Emergent Health Needs

Scarlet Soriano, MD, Duke Health and Well-Being

Description: Our current healthcare structure is no longer sufficient to address complex, dynamic and overlapping pandemics that go far beyond the microbial to include those of prejudice, inequity, mental health conditions, food insecurity, economic instability and fear. Integrative Medicine stands uniquely poised to make substantial contributions to healthcare redesign. We will discuss our unique opportunity to reconsider foundational concepts of health and well-being vis-a-vis care delivery structures and explore some salient examples of health and healing initiatives engaging with human suffering and thriving and providing guideposts for emergent models of care.

Date/Time: Tuesday, August 2nd | 8:00am – 9:00am US EDT
Cost: Free. CME credit available

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Interview Clips

1. Innovations in Health & Well-Being: Equity (2.30 mins)

2. Innovations in Health & Well-Being: Addressing Structural Racism. (4.15 mins)

3. Innovations in Health & Well-Being – Addressing Gaps in Current Systems (3.30 mins)

4. Innovations in Health & Well-Being: Inspired by Systems Change in South Africa (1.35 mins) 

5. Innovations in Health & Well-Being: Planetary Health (4.35 mins)



As Executive Director of Duke Health and Well-Being, Dr. Soriano leads a multidisciplinary team in systemwide innovation aimed at effectively addressing gaps in our healthcare delivery structures through health and well-being interventions that are grounded on health equity. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM) and a founding member of its Black, Indigenous and People of Color Committee. She has been a leader in supporting the AIHM’s bold decision to engage with systemic racism and inequity within its own structure and to serve as a model for Integrative Health organizations choosing to do this work. Dr. Soriano is Co-Chair of the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health’s 2023 Integrative Medicine Symposium.

Dr. Soriano’s work has centered on designing healthcare delivery structures that create conditions for deep personal transformation, grounded on self-efficacy and positive change-making, as the foundation for both individual healing and community transformation. She has a special interest in wellness-based group medical visits as critical aspects of healthcare redesign. Dr. Soriano is passionate about planetary health and weaving our personal and collective healing with the healing of our planet.

She is the former Director for Group Visits and Wellness-Based Healthcare Transformation at the Program for Integrative Medicine and Healthcare Disparities at Boston Medical Center.