A message to our Osher Clinical Center patients

Posted On: March 26th, 2020

Meredith Beaton Starr, MS, OTR/L

In these difficult times, it is important to try to manage stress and anxiety.

Not being able to attend regular appointments with our practitioners at the Osher Center and being out of a normal routine can add to the stress that many patients are feeling.

Everything that goes under the umbrella of self-care is essential right now. Here are some ways you can take care of yourself and your family:

1. Slow down and engage in healthy practices. Try to sustain regular routines that bring comfort and stability.

2. Spend time meditating and stretching every day. Exercise, yoga, tai chi, meditation and religious and spiritual practices are all helpful and positive ways to relieve stress. Click here to access guided audio meditations from the Osher Center’s Dr. Christina Luberto.

3. Get out into nature and breathe in fresh air. Being in nature can be very grounding and calming. A simple meditative walk around the block or the yard is good for your mind and body. Your breath is the gateway to managing anxiety moment to moment.

4. Be mindful of all the things you are consuming. Eat healthy food and be present while preparing your meals. Cooking together can be a great way to spend time as a family.

5. Create something. We don’t often have this kind of time for quiet introspection. Try a new hobby or spend time writing, painting or playing music.

6. Maintain a balanced night routine. Sleep is one of the casualties of great stress. Try to maintain consistency with the flow of your day. Unwind before you go to bed by taking a bath, stretching and meditating.

7. Keep a gratitude journal. Writing down what you are grateful for increases positive emotions and helps with cognitive reframing. Rather than focusing on frustrations and fears, take a few minutes to pause and reflect on your blessings.

At the end of the day, realize that this too shall pass. The clarity, compassion and courage that you show for yourself and others makes all of us more resilient.

Meredith Beaton Starr, MS, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist and Integrative Health Coach
Osher Center for Integrative Medicine

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