MIT Media Lab: “Minding the Gaps in Medical Research”

Posted On: February 28th, 2017

MIT Media Lab

MIT Media Lab: “Minding the Gaps in Medical Research”

Drs. Langevin and Wayne were recently part of a panel discussion hosted by the MIT Media Lab, “Minding the Gaps in Medical Research.” Watch the video below (1 hour 20 mins).


A “side effect” of medical specialization and scientific reductionism is that our understanding of cross-system connections in human health and disease is remarkably limited. This affects the ability of medicine to care for the whole patient. Research at the Osher Center draws on systems biology frameworks from both modern science and non-conventional healing traditions to inform a more integrated model of health and health care.

This talk presents examples of current integrative and translational research linking connective tissue, movement, mind-body interactions, postural control, and pain. These examples will  highlight the importance of inter-disciplinary teams for identifying gaps in knowledge and “connecting the dots.”