IM Grand Rounds: October 6th, 2015

Posted On: September 18th, 2015

Integrative Medicine Grand Rounds
Next Clinical Case Presentation: Oct. 6th, 2015
“A 40+ y.o. woman with a history or chronic pain, experiences improvement through participation in novel Integrative Medicine Group visits.”
Presented by Boston Medical Center (BMC)

PMID: 25105072: Medical group visits: a feasibility study to manage patients with chronic pain in an underserved urban clinic.

“Chronic pain affects millions of racially diverse Americans. Evidence suggests that group medical visits are effective for treating chronic pain; similarly, a number of studies demonstrate the effectiveness of certain evidence-based complementary therapies in managing pain. The primary goal of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of the integrative medical group visit (IMGV) care model in an inner-city racially diverse outpatient clinic. IMGV combines patient-centered, non-pharmacologic strategies and principles of mindfulness-based stress-reduction with a group medical visit to reduce pain and associated symptoms.”

Read full PMC paper here