Video: A Novel Mind-Body Program for Promoting Brain Health

Posted On: July 8th, 2020

Ana-Maria Vranceanu, PhD, Ryan A. Mace, PhD, Gretchen Reynolds, PhD, Joel Salinas, MD

Video: A Novel Mind-Body Program for Promoting Brain Health

Healthy habits, such as diet, exercise and sleep, are critical for preventing brain disease and cognitive decline with age. Current treatments are ineffective for helping patients adopt healthier lifestyles and lower their brain disease risk with aging.

In this presentation, Drs. Vranceanu, Mace, and Reynolds introduced and reviewed preliminary evidence for My Healthy Brain (MHB), a group lifestyle program targeting multiple risk factors for brain disease. They also discussed future directions including mindfulness applications to reduce stress and sustain brain health habits.

An MGH patient shared her experience in the MHB group and with subsequent individualized mindfulness-based treatment. Dr. Joel Salinas, who referred this patient to the MHB program, discussed the neurological aspects of the case and described his approach to brain disease prevention as a neurologist.

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