New Introductory Online Tai Chi Course by Harvard Medical School and Dr. Peter Wayne

Posted On: April 24th, 2018

Peter Wayne, PhD

New Introductory Online Tai Chi Course by Harvard Medical School and Dr. Peter Wayne

An Introduction to Tai Chi: A gentle exercise program for mental and physical well-being is a Harvard Medical School report available in print and eBook versions to those interested in learning and experiencing the health benefits of tai chi. Dr. Peter Wayne, Osher Research Director and Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, is the medical editor of this report. Dr. Wayne’s roughly two decades of work dedicated to integrating tai chi and science, are put into practice in this tai chi program available for the public.

Harvard Health Publishing wrote:

“When Peter M. Wayne, medical editor of Introduction to Tai Chi from Harvard Medical School, began conducting scientific studies on the health benefits of tai chi, he began noticing that tai chi works in a variety of ways, not just one. Whereas most drugs have a single active ingredient, he observed that tai chi was more like a multidrug combination that uses different components to produce a variety of effects. He formulated the idea of the “eight active ingredients” of tai chi, which he and his colleagues now use as a conceptual framework to help evaluate the clinical benefits of tai chi, explore the underlying mechanisms that produce these effects, and shape the way tai chi is taught to participants in clinical trials (and to teachers). While different styles of tai chi emphasize different ingredients, these therapeutic factors are interwoven and synergistic.”

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Anyone can begin practicing this gentle, mind-body exercise today with the purchase of a print copy or eBook version. Purchase here and read more about the program: An Introduction to Tai Chi