Learn How to Use the Interactive Network Map

Watch this 2 minute video to learn how to use the above interactive network map.

The map represents the integrative medicine research network across Harvard Medical School. The source data comes from Harvard Catalyst Profiles and PubMed. People are connected to each other through publications and to institutions through known affiliations on Harvard Catalyst Profiles. Only authors affiliated with Harvard through Harvard Catalyst Profiles are represented on the network map.

  • Select one or more treatment categories to see the research network for those categories.
  • View an individual's Harvard Catalyst profile by clicking on their name. This will open in a new window.
  • Use the search function to identify an individual in the network map.
  • Choose a publication to be taken to the abstract of a publication in PubMed. Each publication shows the full author list from Pub Med, as well as the subset of authors affiliated through Harvard Catalyst.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions about the functionality and categories used on this website. Contact us at HMSOsherCenter@partners.org.

IM Research Forum, Boston, 2014

On November 3rd, 2014, the virtual connections you can explore using the interactive map above were brought to life at the inaugural Integrative Medicine Research Forum.

This free event was a first-of-its kind in-person gathering, bringing together the rich and diverse Boston-wide network of experts and practitioners with interests in integrative medicine. research.

The main goal of this first Forum was to find common ground, foster collaboration and start to build a platform from which integrative medicine researchers, educators and clinicians can speak with one voice.

Watch video clips and photo slideshows here.

Stay tuned for reflections from Osher Center directors, Helene Langevin and Peter Wayne, about the event and next steps.